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Garden Of Love Privacy Policy

March 2023

Software Genesis Group Company LTD (SGGC),SOFTWARE GENESIS GROUP LIMITED a company registered in England, under the company number 12273882 Suite 115, Devonshire House Manor Way, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, England, WD6 1QQ whose registered office is Hertfordshire, England. We operate and controls the websites of Garden Of Love (, ) and also its mobile application (collectively referred to as “Platform”), together with connected online and off-site services. The Garden Of Love platform is a social network that connects people who support each other for a good cause.

Garden Of Love belongs to everyone. Our mission is to bring people together in a safe environment, where taking care of all the creatures is the one and only concern. To reach this, we are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. We remain always transparent about the kind of data we collect from you, how we use your data and with whom we may share it.

Our services are designed for those who have registered on our platform (Members), but the content and data of some of our Services can be also viewed by non-members (Visitors).

This Privacy Policy applies to all our services which include our sites, (, , communications, mobile applications, and off-site Services.

This policy, together with our Cookies Policy , explains the choices that you have about your data and our commitment to respect and protect your privacy.

1.What data do we collect?

We collect data about you in two ways:

  • Information that you provide us in using our Services, such as when you fill in your Profile Details or when you share a Post
  • Information that we obtain about you from other sources, such as when you give us permission to access your Contacts on your mobile phone.

Below you can find the different kinds of information that we collect of and about you, depending on the Services you use.

1.1.Information you provide


To create an account, you give us some personal data about yourself, such as your name, your email address, your age, or the date of the registration of your charity and nonprofit organization if you are creating your account as an entity.  


Once you create your account, based on your user type, you can OPTIONALLY add more information on your profile, such as Photo, Contact Info, Location, and so on. We may use these data to provide more related content to you. For example, depending on your location, we may suggest charities and non-profit organizations which are active in your region.

You can always manage your privacy and indicate who can see your profile, but please do not post or add personal data that you would not want them to be publicly available.

1.1.3.Your posts, activities, and campaigns

We collect information from the data (text, multimedia, links, etc.) you insert on your posts, comments you write on others’ posts, including likes, the use of hashtags, and other activities that you do on our Platform. The content of your post is considered to be yours and authorized to be published publicly. (For further information and our Reporting mechanism on any intellectual property infringements as well as content violations see our Terms of Services )

When you create a campaign as a charity or nonprofit organization, we collect the data that you provide to us, such as the details of your campaign, the beneficiary, the objectives of your campaign, the amount you campaigned and the amount collected.

When you want to create a campaign as a private user, we ask you to provide us with more information about your identity including formal identification documents or unique identification numbers linked to you. We collect and keep these data to verify your identity and prevent fraud. After identity verification, when you create your campaign in the form of organizer or fundraiser, we collect the data that you provide to us, such as the details of your campaign, the beneficiary, the objectives of your campaign, the amount you campaigned and the amount collected.

When you post or upload any information on third party, as part of your campaigns or post, you acknowledge and agree that you have obtained their consent and authorization for sharing their information on our Platform, that they are aware of how their information will be collected, stored and used by us and that they consent and authorize us to collect, store and use their information as explained in this Policy. We advise you to give them a copy of our Privacy Policy before obtaining their consent and authorization and keep a record of your agreement.

1.1.4.Device-based information

Use of some of our Services may require our access to the files on your device. For example, if you want to share a photo, you need to permit us to access to your camera or your photo library. In this way, we may collect information from the photos, such as where it was taken, if available.

Also, if you decide to sync your contact list with our Services, we collect information from your address book for suggesting your new connections or to help you in ‘Finding Friends’.

Whenever we want to have access to your information, we ask your permission. You can always change our access to these files through the settings of your device.

1.1.5.When you make or receive a donation

When you make or receive a donation, we collect the donation amount, your username, the campaign info that you have donated to, your home address and your payment card information, such as card’s number and type. Please remember that We DO NOT save your card sensitive data, such as CVV2 or Expiration Date.

These data are used to have a track of donations as well as to provide you a payment reports on My Donations page, and the NPO user on the Campaign Landing. and our reporting team.

If you choose to donate anonymously, we still gather these data, but your personal information will not be displayed to the charities or nonprofit organizations you have donate to.

Our payment processor, Stripe, Inc, collects your credit card details and other information necessary to process the donation such as your home address.

1.1.6.When you contact us

When you contact us through email or contact form or any other means related to our Services (such as a survey), we collect data from these communications, including your username, the image, and the content of your message.

Please remember that you should not send your sensitive data through email unless we explicitly ask for such documents related to the service we provide. By sending such information, you consent us to processing them.

1.2.Information we obtain from other sources

1.2.1.Syncing other accounts

If you sign up for our Services through your accounts in other platforms, such as Gmail or Facebook, we get your public profile information, your email address as well as any other data these platforms provide to us. You can manage the data that is shared by these platforms with us, by changing the corresponding account settings in that platform.

We will get your consent if we want to obtain more information, such as your contacts, from those platforms.

1.2.2.When other users share data about you

We also collect information when other Users share or post or communicate information about you, such as when they share a photo and tag you, send a message to you, or upload, sync or import your contact information.

1.2.3.Use of our services

We collect information regarding your visit and use of our Platform and Services, such as when you click on a link, do a search as well as the time and duration of your use. We also collect data when you post and share your ideas, comments, or communicate with others on our Platform.

We collect and analyze these data by cookies and similar technologies as explained in our Cookies Policy to provide a better and more relevant Services to you.

1.2.4.Device and location

When you use or visit our Platform, we obtain the trigger point, such as the URL, which redirects you to our Platform.

We collect information about your device and the network connection used to access our Services. These data include, but are not limited to, IP address, device MAC Address, time zone settings, ISP, or Mobile carrier.

If you permit us, we also obtain your location through Mobile GPS or ISP location information.

These data will be used to provide a better and more relevant experience using our Services. For example, depending on your location, our Services may vary. Also, we may adapt our Services to your network connection to make sure the best experience possible. 


All your messages to other Users on our Platform are encrypted. Yet, we collect and process information you provide when you compose, send, or receive messages. Collected data include information about when the message has been sent, received and/or read, as well as the participants of the communication. [just a final check. The content will not be collected?]

2.Why do we need your data?

We collect your personal data in order to provide, support, personalize and develop our services:

2.1.Provide, personalize, and improve our Services

We use your information to provide our services such as staying connected with other Users in the Garden Of Love, to stay informed about news and events that are shared by Users, to donate to a campaign that is created and to create your own campaign.

Based on your data, including the provided information in your Profile, such as country, current location, work experience, education, and others, we suggest users and posts that might be your interests.

When your location is known to us, we modify our Services to your location and suggest campaigns, events, or users around you.

We analyze your data to improve our services, to identify security threats, to test new features and evaluate and improve our Services. To know more about how your information is used for statistics and evaluation, please see our Cookies Policy .


We use your information to contact you through email, mobile phones, notices, messages in your Garden Of Love inbox, and other ways foreseen in our Platform.

Based on your preferences, we send you information about charities and nonprofit organizations that might be of interest to you, we notify you of the campaigns made by your circle of friends and connections, and we provide you with an appraisal of the Posts you have created or donations you have made.

We also use this information to notify you of our changes in the policy or any security issue that may affect our Platform. You may also receive news and updates on how other Users have evaluated a Campaign or Charity, as well as any survey we may carry out to improve or evaluate our Services. 

Note: Please remember that messages about our services, including security and legal notifications cannot be deactivated.

3.What are our legal bases for processing your data?

Our legal bases for processing your data are several but is first and foremost your consent. The other legal bases for processing your data are our legitimate interest in running and maintaining our business; performance and fulfillment of our contracts; proceeds with your donations, and compliance with our legal obligations. In most cases of processing your data, more than one legal basis will be applicable.

4.With whom do we share your information?

Your Profile and your activities such as posts, comments, likes, donations, and your connections are visible to all or some Users in the Garden Of Love, depending on your Privacy Settings.

For third parties, we do not share your personal data with them for their direct marketing purposes and we do not use ‘Do not Track’ signals. Yet, we may share your information with the following third parties for the reasons mentioned below:

  • Stripe, Inc which is our payment service provider to process the donations.
  • In relation to individual Users who want to create a Campaign, we share your information with authorized third-party identity checking, for identity checking and bank account verification;
  • Our IT, cloud and analytical service providers to help us provide the Services and keep your data safe;
  • If requested by law, or by law-enforcement authorities or a regulatory or government authority investigating allegations of illegal activities while you are using our Services,
  • to protect the rights, property, or safety of us, our users, or others.

In case of reorganization, merger, sale, or acquisition of Garden Of Love, we may be required to share your information with the substitute. Any change in the ownership of Garden Of Love and your choices will be notified to you. In any case, this Policy will continue to apply.

5.How long do we keep your data?

We keep your personal data as long as you keep your account open. If you make a donation or create a campaign post, we may keep your data for as long as we have a legitimate reason to keep the data and as required by law.

6.Where is your data processed and stored?

Our servers are located in the United States and Germany. Thus, the information that we collect from you is transferred outside the UK and EEU to our providers who store and process your data under our control to deliver services to us. We have put in place agreements with our service providers to guarantee that they process personal data only based on our instructions and in compliance with the GDPR.‍

By using the Services or providing any information to us, you expressly consent to such transfer and processing.

7.Are we using automated decision making?

At the moment, we are not using any automated decision process in our Services.

8.What are your choices and obligations?

You have the following rights regarding the way we process your data. If you have any requests, please send us an email to ‘’’’

Your rights include:

  • To have a copy of your personal data
  • To ask for the correction of wrong information in your personal data
  • To ask for deleting your personal data that is no longer necessary for the provided Services
  • To restrict and object to the processing of your data
  • To complain lodge a complaint to your local data protection authority; and
  • To withdraw your consent (to the extent applicable).

9.How to reach our data protection officer?

If you have any question regarding the way we process your personal data, please contact our Data Protection Officer.

10.Children’s privacy protection

Our services are not designed for, or intentionally targeted at, children 18 years of age or younger. We do not intentionally collect or maintain data about anyone under the age of 18.

11.Changes to this policy

We may change this privacy policy. In that case, the “last updated” date at the top of this page will also change. Any changes to this privacy policy will apply to you and your data immediately. We make sure that you are informed of any changes in our policy that may affect how your personal data is proceed.

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Love is the fragrance of god.

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